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Who we are?

As our world change we are changing with it rapidly, leaving behind some of the very important aspects of still being considered human beings like our interactions with nature and all the beautiful life forms that once was very close to us.

We know the importance of modern technologies in our daily lives and it is next to impossible for our young generation to live without it, which is why we like to give our guest best internet capability throughout our hotel. We will have top notch outdoor gadgets that our guests can rent and make outdoor more enjoyable. We will hand raise all our pets which would be more safe for children and they will be allowed to play with them under adult supervision.

We Embrace Change

Innovation has always been part of the Karbaniinn. The Karbani family helped shape the modern hospitality industry. We’re driven to continually challenge the status quo and anticipate our customers’ changing needs with new brands

we inspire everyone to get back to nature and away from these gadgets that are destroying who we are.

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