Karbani Inn’s business will be based on five core values: trust, thoroughness, communication, safety, and quality. Karbani Inn is a New Mexico-based company that will manage a modular complex in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Karbani Inn will predominately target oil field and trucking companies who wish to offer their workforce a home away from home with fully serviced, clean, and restful accommodations. Karbani Inn will also target tourists visiting the area and will provide a fair amount of discount to attract these customers.

The Company will provide hotel-like accommodation with rooms and individual private baths along with breakfast for local workers, tourists, and travelers. Hotels in the area are very expensive on average. Since Karbani Inn will have low start-up and maintenance costs, the Company will be able to accommodate families at significantly lower rates than competitors.

Our future extension will be child-friendly and provide activities that will engage children physically and mentally. This is especially important because children’s programs are a growing part of the hospitality industry. Karbani Inn will feature a barbecue area, outdoor pool, dog park, and toys and rides for children. Karbani Inn also have pets, including parrots, rabbits, and small birds. None of the competitors in the Company’s immediate area provide these activities for children. . Also, Karbani Inn will have a separate area with a telescope where parents can spend time with their children in the evenings.


Businesses Opportunity 

Karbani inn is looking for 2-3 food trucks and a mobile coffee shop. We won't be charging any rent to entrepreneurs who want to start their business and are willing to work hard to establish their business. 

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